Amazing Powerful Machinery – Extreme Heavy Duty Attachments

Heavy Equipment Machine World

Today, we’ll discover about several incredible heavy-duty attachments that are leaders in their field. We have everything from giant grippers to massive mining shovels to show you. An episode is jam-packed with high-tech attachments for some of the world’s largest machines and vehicles.

Kamag Transporttechnik

This incredible vehicle transports material as hot as 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit, such as liquid steel. Excelling in metallurgy transport, but designed to provide excellent abilities working with a variety of materials. Nothing beats KAMAG in terms of reliability, efficiency, and service when it comes to transport solutions for the industry, whether it’s metal processing, shipbuilding, or specialized solutions. Learn what it’s like to work with the best materials available and choose a KAMAG vehicle.

Packmat System

To maximize space optimization, the Packmat system compacts any waste type quickly and efficiently. A fully electric Packmat compactor with onboard batteries has been tested for a year at a waste collection center in our region. When designing or upgrading our machines, the safety of people and equipment is also a top priority. To ensure compliance with French and European regulations, we enlist the help of APAVE, a company that monitors technology and verifies the solutions put in place by our design firm.

Progema Forest

A cylinder rotary drill bores holes to ᴅᴇsᴛʀᴏʏ and removes tree stumps in one motion. Hydraulic or mechanically powered Any agricultural tractor can be equipped with the Rotor S drill. The size and number of stumps you want to remove will determine whether you need a stump grinder. There are also safety concerns because stump grinders are powerful machines that spit out a lot of wood chips as they work. You could be better off hiring a professional to assist you with large projects.

Mantsinen Group LTD OY

The HybriLift energy-saving system on the Mantsinen 200 provides significant economic and environmental benefits. Mantsinen 200’s speed and precision push productivity to new heights. The Mantsinen 200 is more versatile than traditional mobile harbor cranes. Mantsinen 200 can handle whole containers up to 5 wide and 4 high in addition to bulk materials. One of the main advantages is the hydraulic crane’s productivity: the Mantsinen 200 has a capacity of more than 45 TEUs per hour.

AME International

The 3-point grip on the 2-ton easy Grippers ensures careful and secure handling of larger tires. It can handle wheels up to 95 inches (2.4m) in diameter using an infrared camera system. An innovative forklift attachment that aligns tires for service and change in a safe and efficient manner. The Easy Gripper product line is designed to assist tire professionals in a variety of conditions and situations. The Easy Gripper makes tire handling faster and safer while preventing ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇ to tires, rims, and equipment. With a gripping range of 850 – 2.400 mm (34 – 94″) and a lifting capacity of 2 tons (4.400 lbs) at a CoG of 550 mm (22″), this Gripper can handle tires up to 37.25R35. The Gripper can handle up to 24.00R35 tires when handling full wheel assemblies as inside duals.

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