Aregger Komatsu PC1250 Demolition Excavator

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With the addition of its $3 million Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavator, McMahon Services has risen beyond the competition. This custom-built machine is the only one of its kind in Aᴜsᴛʀᴀʟɪᴀ. This 160-tonne machine has a reach of up to 45 meters and can deconstruct buildings up to 15 stories tall from ground level.

The PC1250-11 excavator is available in two configurations: mass excavation “SP” and a longer undercarriage “LC.” The Komatsu SAS6D170E-7 engine produces 758 horsepower at 1,800 rpm and uses EGR and diesel particulate filters to achieve Tier 4-F emissions. It has 13% more horsepower than previous models. With a Power-plus work mode that improves engine/hydraulic pump control efficiency, productivity can increase by up to 8%. Operating weights with 39.4-inch shoes are 259,960 pounds for the mass ex and 269,300 pounds for the LC.

The PC1250 Excavator, equipped with the specialized Long Reach Boom, can perform specialized dredging and long reach excavation work such as dam construction, levee embankment construction, tailings dam maintenance, and levees.

In the video below, you can see the aregger komatsu PC1250 demolition excavator in action.

Source: ᴀᴡᴇsome Earthmovers

The PC1250 operates as an equivalent factory direct excavator in standard configuration, capable of delivering large-scale bulk earthworks. This impressive piece of equipment joins our 27-meter High Reach Excavator and large fleet of scrap and demolition plants.

The machine is used to excavate soil and rocks and dump them onto trucks. Sizes range from small machines used in civil engineering to super-large excavators used in mines. Crawler excavators are capable of various work by changing the front bucket.

KOMATSU excavators work quietly, safely and reliably. The eco-friendly Komatsu crawler excavators are also simple to operate and most efficient. No wonder they are among the best-selling hydraulic excavators in the world.

With the vehicle configuration, it operates under the crawler design and has a large load capacity. With the crawler configuration and the tonnage of the large vehicle, it is suitable for large-scale projects and difficult and uneven terrain. It’s very suitable for using this line of crawler excavators. With a wide range of operating hours and a large fleet of vehicles, it brings optimal benefits and great results to investors as well as solving the most difficult jobs.

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